Am I a misplaced soul?

Sometimes I feel so out of time and place, trapped in a maze
As if I was lost in someone else’s nightmare…

Do you ever feel a need to go back in time? even beyond that when your existence started to be drawn in this world…

Do you need to travel far away to find your self?
In the end of this nighmare all I can do is to learn how to I live in a dreamland.

This time was not made for me,
I have nowhere to land, no place to rest,
Like a bird, without a nest, I’m gliding
Under the clouds.

How much suffocated anxiety can be held within?
I was found guilty to a crime against myself.
No need to hear the words again,
I live and I’d die for my dreamland

I’ll never have a chance, I can’t understand
I’m a misplaced woman
How could this backward land
Learn to understand my dance
what it’s like, when every single smile hurts…


I have never felt like I was in home
There always missing something
Am I a misplaced soul?

I live in a perfect Hell, I try finding my wishing well
when I drop my last tear, I have started to accepted this life

Every single moment pains me…
Never felt like home here
I am missing something
My soul’s in a wrong shell?

Why I commit the mistake to come to Hong Kong??

I should have gone to another country to update my picture’s passport.

I have lost my life, my identity, my nationality, my scholarship, my family, my whole future and my inner peace.

10 months trapped in this nightmare, homeless in this prison, with no right to do anything, with a detention letter, surviving in this bureaucratic jail, no money, no Hong Kong’s Government support, being persecuted, abused, harassed, mistreated, What a mistake, why?? why??.

Hope I can leave as soon as I can, also I hope I never have to return to this country, never.